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We combine technology, conviviality and challenge to find new ways of improving what we have already achieved , but staying committed to our former values.

As aclaimed native vine-growers since 1669, our knowledge has been passed down through the generations. Since then, we do every task on the estate ourselves, from the vines to the sales, including vinification since 2003.

It’s a privilege for us to be winemakers, a profession which was so important to our ancestors.


Always striving for innovation and work simplification, we were the first producers of Champagne in our region to start using an inclining stage press in 2003. Since 2012, we are using a new system of spacers allowing us to do the trelissing by machine within a few years.

Since the 90’s, our vineyards have increased in size following a sustainable vinegrowing method, with as an example, growing grass on all our plots among our vines.

We take care of our vines as a garden : we plough the earth and look carefuly after our plots to keep the balance between the vines and the environnement.


To attest our working ways, we have been certified TERRA VITIS since 2012. This environmental certification attests our viticultural expertise but more widely the estate managing expertise on our social and eco-responsible policy.

For its global vision, Terra Vitis insures of our commitment towards customers to produce a quality wine, while respecting the Earth for future generations.

Evolution, transparency (tracking), protection and biodiversity are the pillars of this certification and ensures our champagnes quality.

This national certification is a network of five hundred vinegrowers-winemakers concerned with the environment as well as the consumer.


« TERRA VITIS : The stamp of French vinegrowers-winemakers who respect nature, Man and wine. »



Terra Vitis equates to level 2 (above 3) of the HVE (High Environmental Value) certification which attests environmental excellence by performance obligations in terms of :
– biodiversity (grass in the vines, hedges)
– phytosanitary strategy (less treatments, product choice)
– fertilization management (organic fertilizer)

We are also certified HVE on the estate since 2019.

Buying our champagne, gives the pleasure of knowing you are supporting our commitment to the respect of ecology and environmental safety.

To learn more visit the website : Terra VitisHVE